Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some pics of Kv...

This is the place where we used to wait for the auto...most of the masti used to take place from here...
This is the way we used to walk to reach our class..most of the tymes it was running bcoz..we were always late....the train was late so all the vehicles had to be stranted
We used to sit here ..I mean behind the trees whenever we bunked any class..that is almost always..coz we bunked so many many..

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The long way which led us to KV.........

This is the long way which led us to our school.
All the 8 kms were so interesting that we never got bored.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I was linked to............

This is the post I promised to put up.

In Kv you can't just say "wow wat an answer he gave" frnds will link u to that boy and then comes all sorts of things behind tat.
But mine was a different case. What happened was he came from Chandigarh to Suratgarh had got transferred. Actually he was an AFS' man's son. So when the teacher once asked him from where he had come and which is his native state tat was the first time we came to know tat he was from Kerala and as soon as he said that all my frnds said ooooooooo Priya see!!! Kerala. And after tat whenever he stood up to give an answer my frnds wud say see he's answering see see.
My God it was very embarrassing for me as sometimes some of the boys also heard my frnds teasing me. he was a complete womanizer. I used to call him that.
I just did not like but I just used to burst out laugh by the way they used to tease. So they used to think I like tat. I just hate this habit of mine.
Niway I had to live with it for 5 long months. Think abt my condition.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

An incomplete luv story.................

Today's post is about a love story we had in our class.
The girl came to our class in April 2007 transferred from Kanpur. The boy was a local who lived in the city 9 kms frm school like me. She stayed in the air force campus.
Actually they first met when they both collided with each other on the veranda.
After that calls on mobile SMS's and so on. They both used to sit up till 3 in the morning and talk on the cell and parents did not think else as they thought they were studying.
We tried to stop her as she was too much into it and he was just doing time pass with her. He was a roudy.
Now wat all we used to get to hear u can't imagine. We just used to ignore it. But I 'll tell u a few of tat.
First thing we heard was about the phone call. then the next was that they had a hug, then next was that she gave him a ring then again we heard that they were seen together in the....... then don't ask at all.
All this things were going on in my school I was away frm all these as I never linked with such boys.
ye I was linked with a boy just becoz he was a keralite. will put tat in the next post.

Abt tat grl she failed in physics in the board exams.
and he passed with flying colours. he was just passing his time .

I did not like such things in kv. Ye tats why I call it a college.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Another interesting thing we did in KV is bunking the classes. Our Physics mam God she used to completely bore us. So the best way to get rid of her is to bunk. Actually the previous period used to be Chemistry so wat to do had to sit in class as he was our class teacher.
Sometimes wat happened was mam used to come 5 minutes early in tat case how did we escape? we used to ask mam permission for water and then never return.
Now slowly slowly mam started becoming shrewd so the 2 things we did was telling the smaller class students to come and call us saying some teacher was calling. and second thing is wen mam turned the other side to write on the board then we used to run away.
Poor mam Istill feel sorry 4 her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Old School!!!!

These are some of the pictures of my old school. The school I was in before KV. I studied here for more than six years but though my time in Kv was short but the fun we had is worth writing in blog while the incidents of this school happened when I was quite small so don't remember much of it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Songs 4 Life

Being in Kv was the best of all experiences. It was like a college for us. It was great fun to study there.
The bestest of all the things was listening to songs. We used to memorize the latest of the songs a free period used to come, actually most were free periods we used to make a group sit on the benches and start drumming according to the rhythm.
It was really great fun to do that. and whenever a teacher came from a nearby class we all were found sitting and studying. Oh1 god can't mention the risk but until there is no risk joy is not worth.